COVID - 19

Viramal's pioneering vaginal moisturiser is re-purposed to produce a powerful 2-in-1 moisturiser and hand sanitiser range

The Viramal response

The COVID-19 pandemic has galvanised Viramal to apply its patented clinical formulas to address the now urgent and universal need for everyone to regularly sanitise their hands.

Dr Simona Fiore, MD, OB&GYN, PhD, Viramal's Chief Medical Officer, is responding to that need by repurposing the company's pioneering vaginal moisturiser formula and applying it to the production of unique 2-in-1 hand sanitisers.

Frontline medical and care professionals, essential workers and consumers now face a constant need to sanitise their hands, which results in skin irritation and dryness from repeated use of ordinary alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Viramal is launching a range of unique hand sanitisers comprising two distinct products:

  • ViraMedic - a 2-in-1 medical grade everyday moisturising Hand Sanitiser Gel
  • ViraDerma - a Luxury Moisturising Hand Sanitiser, available in three different enriching formulations: Organic Bergamot; Vitamin E and Hemp.

The Viramal Difference

Unlike many of the hand sanitisers that are now flooding the market, the Viramal formula is a unique moisturiser, originally clinically developed for use in the company's Elegant™ range of vaginal moisturisers (now awaiting US FDA approval) which is now combined with a high 70% alcohol component to create the first 2-in-1 moisturising hand sanitiser.

When used, the alcohol evaporates, leaving the skin cleansed but also nourished with a gentle, and long-lasting residual barrier film which continues to work even with subsequent handwashing. This unique formulation ensures that the product not only soothes, moisturises and promotes continuous skin healing, but also protects.

'Doctor Developed', the Viramal range has patents pending whilst fully complying with the World Health Organisation's specifications on hand sanitisers. It is dermatologically approved and suitable for sensitive skin.

The range comes in recyclable bottles and carries the Viramal 'Made Without' Commitment: surfactant/paraben/fragrance/PEG/glycerine FREE.

It is scheduled for commercial release from August onwards and available for sale at selected high-street chains and on-line retailers.

Commenting on the launch, Oliver Bates CEO said: "Viramal, like so many other specialist pharma companies is responding rapidly to the present crisis by re-directing our medical expertise and proprietary technology into creating innovative products which will address the current needs of both healthcare professionals and the general public. The unique moisturising and protective properties of our products will mitigate the impact of the relentless necessity for hand sanitising and at the same time moisturise your skin.

The Viramal hand sanitiser range is our way of helping people deal with the 'new norm' in our lives."