Every woman. Well

Life-changing therapies to help a woman at every stage of her life

Viramal - Transformative medicine for women

Viramal is a specialist pharma company based in the UK and Sweden, at the cutting-edge of developing a portfolio of transformative biological and vaginal well-being products for women.

Women's sexual and reproductive health needs have been neglected. They are poorly served by inadequate drugs and medication.

We exist to help make the lives of women everywhere, better.

We are driven by:

  • Innovation
  • A Safer Medical Approach
  • Women's Needs
  • Clinical Excellence

We are committed to protect, preserve and maintain vaginal well-being. Helping and informing women on how to take control of their biological stories.

From menstruation, fertility, reproduction, conception, disease, pain management and sexual health - we are here to help improve the quality of women's health the world over.

Our goal is:
Every Woman. Well.

Our story


Led by women doctors, Viramal's research and development is focused on delivering a portfolio of proprietary transdermal and trans-vaginal technologies and platforms formulated to treat a range of debilitating conditions commonly experienced by women.

Women are faced with a range of disorders for which there is either limited available therapy or the existing therapies are inadequate. They include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Sexual dysfunction and disease
  • Unhealthy vaginal microbiome
  • Genito Urinary Syndrome
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

AND conditions such as:

  • Chronic period pain
  • Menopause

Our clinical formulas are unique because they are:

  • Systemic - Non-invasive advanced transdermal or buccal applied
  • Targeted - Direct to tissue delivery
  • Innovative - Highly usable and tolerable cosmetic grade products
  • Responsive - Therapies that extend a woman's treatment window reflecting her increased longevity and decreased fertility over time
A safer medical approach

A safer medical approach

Our 'safer made' approach to our formulations means that we consider women's health holistically.

Specifically, our products are designed to maximise efficacy whilst protecting women and minimising any harmful side effects.

They aim to deliver:

  • Targeted drug delivery: localised application to the pelvic cavity to optimise drug concentration where required
  • Safety - avoidance of the hepatic pass and any systemic side effects
  • Lower and more focused dosing - reducing overall drug exposure and adverse effects
Women's (unmet) needs

Women's (unmet) needs

From cradle to grave, women the world over have a biological lifecycle that may require medical intervention, treatment and care.

From the moment a girl begins her reproductive lifecycle she must manage a complex range of symptoms and conditions - all of which may severely impact both her way of life and the quality of that life.

From chronic pelvic pain to heavy periods.

From painful sex to vaginal infections.

From trying to have a baby, conception, naturally or though IVF, to in some cases, Endometriosis and infertility.

From maintaining a healthy microbiome in preparation for healthy pregnancy and childbirth to the Menopause.

At present, women’s conditions are either ignored or poorly served by existing drugs.

Women are living longer. Their health needs are more visible and better understood.

Viramal offers life-changing therapies to help a woman at every stage of her life.

Clinical excellence

Clinical excellence

Viramal has an exciting product portfolio offering a range of therapies in different stages of development.

Informed by a legacy in developing women's vaginal health therapies, Viramal's clinical development pipeline includes a pioneering approach to treatments for:

  • Endometriosis and fertility
  • Menopausal hormone therapy
  • Vaginal Microbiome
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain

Viramal is developing both prescription and non-prescription treatments which can be used both transdermally or vaginally.