Empowering women the world over to better manage their sexual, vaginal and reproductive lifecycles

Empowering women, the world over, to better manage their sexual, vaginal and reproductive lifecycles

About Viramal

Viramal was established in 2013 by an Anglo-Scandinavian partnership with significant expertise in the women's health sector, in particular reproductive endocrinology.

Our founders developed market-leading products - Replens, a vaginal moisturiser and Crinone, a bioadhesive vaginal gel containing micronized progesterone.

Recognising the unmet need of the women's health market, Viramal has gone on to in-licence and acquire the Bigel platform, an established technology to develop our pioneering product portfolio.

Our products have robust IP positions with patents granted and patents pending.

Our cause

Our cause

Our vision:

Every Woman. Well

Our mission:

To create life-changing products that help tackle every woman's biological and vaginal well-being.

Our values:

We promise to:

  • Enable — every woman to take control of her vaginal and biological health needs
  • Educate — every woman on her sexual and reproductive lifecycle
  • Evangelise — on behalf of every woman for greater understanding, tolerance and equality
  • Ethical — practice ethical standards and develop sustainable therapies

We are committed to making the lives of women everywhere, healthier through our focus on:

  • A safer, holistic, clinically-led approach
  • De-stigmatising women's biological conditions
  • Advocating on women's vaginal health issues
Passion meets purpose

Passion meets purpose

We believe that through our clinical expertise, our focus on cutting-edge R&D and our innovative approach to women's well-being, we can be a force for good in empowering women to better understand their bodies.

Viramal will focus on delivering game-changing drugs to help women, the world over, better manage their biological and reproductive stories.

We will strive to work with charities, academia, governmental and organisational networks that have that same aspiration.

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